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God As A Concept By Some Ideologies

Author: Brian Joseph Johns
In terms of some modern practicing religions seeking to run the world according to a theocracy, the God concept is a veiled allegory for a collective of people who elevate one person to the role of "God". The collective carries out the will of this "God" according to the rules of their particular religion or sect and the judgements of this "God".

The afterlife is another allegory for a point when a person is considered "dead" to the members of such faiths. Of course such a person who is considered dead in this fashion must find their way to adhering to the religion's rules and accept the chosen savior of said religion in order to be absolved of their sins according to the rules of that religion. Hell is what happens to you if you don't adhere and accept the rules of a savior. This is the way many religions apply their beliefs within the context of a human lifetime. Most similar beliefs operate in conjunct with one another to achieve their goals via an organized system of colours much like some criminal gangs operate in the same way.

In religions that have a concept of a "Satan" or "Lucifer", the same idea applies. A collective of people elevate one person to the role of this "Lucifer" or "Satan" figurehead. That person runs the show amongst those who've been cast into this allegorical version of "Hell". All of this happens long before anyone unfortunate enough to get caught up in it physically dies. Death in terms of many religions has come to mean a metaphor representing the time when a person is considered dead by those of society who believe said religion. This by the way is happening right now all over North America. Unfortunately it misrepresents those involved in any religion or belief system for the good of humanity by feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and caring for the unhealthy all while absent of religious dogma or pragmatism of any kind while a believer or an atheist.

We all have the right to choose our beliefs or not to believe a religion at all as well as the freedom of association. I live in Canada and those rights are (supposed to be) protected by the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. In the United States that would be similar to the Bill Of Rights I'd imagine. After all, we are supposed to be a secular society, separating Church and State.

Keep in mind that when most people are brought down for their sins by such beliefs and often zeal that they are allotted a "substitute" who will often end up taking most if not all of the punishment for the one being brought down by such an ideology, which some believe to be a Christ-like sacrifice or the Lamb of Abraham taken from the Biblical story of when Abraham was asked by God to slaughter his son Isaac, as a test of faith. Just before Abraham executed his son, God switched Isaac with a sacrificial lamb, hence "substitution". That's actually what is meant by the term: Lamb for the slaughter.

Many such religions also believe heavily in the idiom: As above, so above and as above, so below. This saying is also echoed in the Kybalion as well and represents the link between those on the top and the bottom of society, social classes and the Caste (where it applies). So for every one who falls by the zeal of the crowd or a religious belief (often gone too far), there's a substitute who takes the brunt of the punishment in place of that person.

This is very similar to the concept of entanglement in Quantum Physics, where the effects applied to one atomic particle affect another particle sympathetically to which it is entangled. Christ in this sense is considered by many religions and believers to be the ultimate substitute or dupe (depending upon with whom you speak). Worse yet is the fact that there are enough people who recognize this going on in society that have learned to capitalize upon it by pretending to the "substitute" for people they have not actually been substituted in terms of receiving their "social punishment" in lieu. Consider substitution to be a form of identity swapping, a topic I've covered before.

That creates a system of social debt that is often used to steal the accomplishments and efforts of the one who was supposedly having their "social punishments" substituted.

Much of this is related to some people capitalizing upon the Gnostic concept of reconciliation, which is sort of a world wide form of auditing and balancing of the books in terms of who was wronged and deserves compensation. That is most of what is going on today that most people refer to as social justice and with it came a lot of far worse unseen side effects.

Oddly enough and in the vein of this topic, Adolph Hitler considered himself a Gnostic.

Brian Joseph Johns

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Group Or Gang Stalking

First of all, just to get my identity clarified:

Brian Joseph Johns, the author of this post.
The picture on the left is me.

200 Sherbourne Street Apt 701,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I just turned 50 (on November 15). I am 6 feet tall about 180 lbs in fairly good shape. I have green eyes and dark hair.
I have been single for 7.5 years by the end of this month and during that time I've not taken part in any sexual activity with a partner. My love interest is really directed towards my last two spouses, a Mandarin Chinese lady from 2006 and a Korean lady from 2010/2011. I am not Irish or Italian with all due respect. I am not a member of any gang and certainly have never been a part of a racist club of any kind. I believe abuse is wrong regardless of gender, culture or religion. I'm heterosexual and my love interest is not transgender though I am and have been a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights for a long time and sometimes at great personal risk and harm to myself. Count the same for Women's rights as well though Men are not the bad people nor are children or the elderly.

I am not Schizophrenic but I can sympathize that must be a great struggle to deal with that Mental Illness and the stigmas that come with it, such as some people believing those with Schizophrenia to be evil or sinners who have not confessed their sins. I am however bipolar and suffer from clinical depression, and that is certainly exacerbated by social abuse and stalking activities. I am not a pedophile, or felon nor do I engage in any activity that would make me justifiably subject to social abuse (is anyone?). Lastly, I am a Buddhist and a Taoist and have been since 2007. What I reveal here is truth, albeit much of it subjective but much of the information on biomagnetism is backed up by scientific research. This long winded post is available at Nobody is responsible for carrying the burden for what I say but myself. That's why I don't hide my identity when I make such a post as this. This post was actually made over the course of the weekend (November 17 - November 19, 2017).

Now, let's begin.

Colours: Black And White

One could consider black and white to represent negativity versus positivity respectively. So your behavior and response to abuse determines which side of the fence you end up on.

There are also some that believe that your state of mind affects the unfolding of events in the universe, ie the state of mind of the conscious observer so that one who is possessed of a negative point of view might have a tendency to manifest negative events in their life. As a targeted individual (or victim) you might notice that the blame for your treatment is redirected back towards yourself on the basis of having a negative attitude, which results in being mistreated, which results in you complaining or having a negative attitude and so on. So for this cult this might be a test to see if you can overcome the cycle of negativity by avoiding a negative reaction to the abuse and breaking the cycle. If you can't, there's some who are arrogant enough to think that you haven't got a very good handle on your own emotions and consciousness. Remember that our impression of our situation is largely dependent upon our cognition which is filtered through the effects and balance of the hormones predominant in our bodies. That means our interpretation of the world around is largely dependent upon our hormones. Chemistry in our body. Chances are that when we go from feeling happy to feeling depressed and miserable, that the world has not changed that much to cause that to happen. One thing that can spike the production of hormones is how we are treated by others. If we are mistreated by large numbers of people, our body will produce hormones that will completely distort our impression of our situation and our sense of well being. It can actually be harmful to us unless you can somehow anchor the thought in your mind that what you are experiencing is the result of hormones. Nothing has changed and you are still you and you WILL feel better. That's for certain. Every time I'm abused by the stalkers, I do just that during the worst of it and somehow I manage to stay balanced or keep myself from teetering over the edge into the abyss. I still take a day or two to recover, and I might post something unproductive during that time, but at the end of it I am right. It was only temporary. Why are some people mistreated like this and others aren't? Personally I'd like to see nobody mistreated like this.

Colours: Red And Blue

Red and Blue are used to symbolize a variety of things, but for the most part as the skits occur that targeted individuals are presented with, they represent whether you are more human (red) or robot (blue). Generally they symbolize whether you are red blooded or blue blooded quite often, measuring if you assess situations empathically (thinking about the needs of a living being versus a thing, or someone of your own culture/family before worldly social matters). Basically how you prioritize things. The results can reveal a lot about you.

Here's an example that actually happened to me in real life:

Imagine a skit where you are standing in line at a bank. Someone says to you in small talk: "You know, they really should hire another teller at this time. There's always lots of people here at this time in the middle of the month".

Now if you don't comment, that means you're "Red" towards the person who made the statement. If you reply something like this "I agree. I mean there's lots of people in here. Things would move a lot quicker if they just got a part-timer in here". That would make you "Red" towards the person who made the suggestion, the people in line and the teller working the counter.

If on the other hand you replied "Maybe the peak time is short, and the Bank has deemed that the load is manageable for one employee seeing as this busy period only lasts for about an hour or two. The Bank is just making good business decisions". That's the one I answered.

That would make you "Blue" in a few ways. Blue towards the needs of people even though the need might not be imperative and more one of convenience. You would also be considered "Blue" in the sense of it symbolizing business. If the Bank's logo colour has Red in it, then you'd be "Red" in the sense of it meaning part of their logo along with the Blue symbolizing business.

One last definition for Red Versus Blue is one relating to the religion of Christianity. The idea is that one "Blue" person who thinks more about worldly social issues and for the "greater good" is the equivalent of three Christians because of scripture from the New Testament that states that any time three who follow the teachings of Christ gather under the same roof, they are considered to be in their own Church which basically means, that if they can between the three of them democratically come to some decision about something, and someone of some authority hears their discussion and decision (real authority or possibly someone who is of "Royal Blood" or something of that nature), that unless that person of authority protests it in some way, it stands. Much like a Parliamentary democracy I suppose. These are not my feelings, just what my research and the evidence has revealed to me. Remember as well that I'm a Buddhist and Taoist, so there's no ulterior motives related to religion from me. I don't believe in or follow Christianity at all with all due respect. I'm not exactly sure why the stalkers operate this way, they just do though often the ones who do the hate abuse of their victims are not the ones involved in those kinds of skits. Blood centricity seems to be an important part of how the stalkers operate as well. Many of them aren't very keen on mixed culture relationships between certain cultures, or forcing their victims/targeted individuals into relationships they've chosen. For instance breaking down a victim until they take what they're offered by the abusive cult making the victim into a sort of "reward" for one of the stalkers. Being Caucasian, the stalkers seem livid about the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and would rather me be with someone on the blue brown side of the fence. So often much of the abuse that I experience is targeted against me by people of a certain culture so that if I respond against it, it makes me appear racist. I'm certain that the ideology does this purposely and for that specific reason. That way others who hear or read my reaction posts to this abuse will instantly think that I might be racist and that I have my own issues.

Most people who have no understanding of what its like to be stalked and abused, are fearful of baring any of the burden related to it and hence their responses are often "Blue" towards the stalking victims and "Red" towards those doing the stalking. They're responding in such a way to ensure they don't pit themselves in harm's way. They usually have no idea unless they become victims of this themselves. Its kind of like a reflex reaction. If a person is asked how much they like their job, most will respond "I love my job. Its great." because they're worried about how responding truthfully might affect their employment. I don't mean griping about their job, I mean honestly speaking about their job. In other words they don't understand the workings of the "grape vine" enough to risk their job by stating the truth. That's certainly not to say that there aren't people out there who love their jobs but it is to say that many would likely not tempt fate to speak honestly. Especially in these times unless they were wearing the colour blue, or had blue eyes which would enable them to hide behind colours in doing so.

Its the same thing about if you ask a single guy, whether he like specific Women say based upon the colour of their hair. Do you prefer red heads or blondes? He might answer "both", thinking that there might be some form of opportunity attached to that person's question. Rather than risk choosing one, he might say both to avoid the risk of losing out if he says the wrong one. So people who don't believe in stalkers or who think it is the victim's fault, or that speak in defense of the stalkers often are doing so based upon this exact idea. The victim is alone. The stalkers are numerous. The victim always seems to be negative. Maybe they're just negative people. So in essence others are afraid to take a stance on that basis on the behavior of the victim and the fact that the stalkers are numerous. In other words, how could so many people be so bad? It's more likely that the victim is just a negative person would be the reasoning of most.

Here's logic though that has evidence that line of reasoning is flawed and has led to the deaths of many people in history. During World War II, the spread of anti-semitism was rampant especially after the Nazi party started making laws to limit the rights of Jewish people in German society. Now if a Jewish person at that time spoke out against such treatment, they'd likely be labeled as being negative and complainers. Anyone who sided with them would likely be putting themselves and their family at great risk. Many would reason that the person complaining must have brought it upon themselves. This is not to label Germany as bad people having experienced a lot of tragedy themselves since that time, but it is to say that there's an important lesson in there for the rest of the world.

What about Women who complained of rape? There was a time when Women who did were regarded as ungrateful complainers and making trouble. Their claims were often pushed aside as they were at that time considered second class citizens. So people at that time would likely have seen Women as the problem rather than hearing out their claims and investigating. Policy makers took years to act upon anything of that nature and it took society a lot of time to change. During that time though I'm certain that Women bore a lot of social burden because they were "complaining" and society and some belief systems tend to punish those who complain, or use it as an excuse to place the social burden upon the offender. Its ironic how we divide ourselves up in these means and that our measure of social worth is based upon not complaining. Perhaps those who don't, have never really suffered. All the more reason for them to be grateful I suppose. You cannot empathize with others until you have suffered, but that is not to say that there should be more suffering, but certainly more empathy. Perhaps then everyone should be grateful to those who take a negative attitude and complain, because they have volunteered themselves to be the weight barers of the social burden so that others can deem themselves the positive people. The love side of society. It would make sense but its not that simple.

You see, people often fight over what love is. Is it treating people affectionately? Or is it treating people with hate and aversity? You could say that the two sides compete over this every day much like Jonathan Swift's Lilliputians would war over which was better, the little endian or the big endian? Of course if abuse means love, then the negative people are those that are loving. If love means love (as in affection and sincerity), then the negative side are the hateful side. If its the hate side of the fence that is forced to carry the social burden, then I suppose the two sides of that fence would fight over this outcome pretty fiercely every day dependent upon what was at stake to be part of the social burden. Want to know what's so heavy a burden for that day? Read the news. Keep up with events in your community. Your city. Your country. Your world. I'd say that explains a lot.

Often when a victim/targeted individual is tested with a skit like that and the intent of the stalkers is to measure which culture the victim/targeted individual will bias, they often keep the cultures of the people involved a secret much like a blind test so there is no pre-bias based upon knowing the cultures of the people involved.

Often these teams are delineated by the symbolism of colours once again, and many groups that share the same ideals group together under the same colours much like gangs. That sounds pretty much like the whole big secret.

Stealing A Targeted Individuals Past: Identity Swapping

Many of the people who play part in the perpetration of gang or group stalking are part of much more sinister game, and that is one of stealing the identities of their victims and giving up the bad identities of their members to their victims. A sort of swapping of identities. The group stalkers actually make it into a sort of social competition. This too takes advantage of their love/hate and blood/fire ideology and specifically uses abuse to ruin their victim. Their goal is often to make their victim appear to behave and react as if they were someone else more so than themselves. In this way the perpetrators believe they have the right to switch identities between the two people, and to make the burdens between them the responsibility of the other person. As well with this goes the accomplishments of each. Most often the accomplishments of those who do the stalking and abusing and attempt an identity swap are little to none compared to that of their victims. Once again colour coding is used to achieve this goal.

The idea is that if you don't carry the weight of your own burdens, then how can you be yourself and take the credit for your own good efforts and accomplishments? The thing is that the perpetrators try to find out the worst and most personal secrets of their stalking victims and then abuse them about them. If the victim denies them or tries to rectify and explain them, the perpetrators regard that as an outright denial, and therefore give those burdens to other people who then also get the credit for the accomplishments of that person. They've honed this into a method of completely stealing a person's identity and history and applying it to someone else. A religion or group of religions or beliefs may be involved in this effort as a method of aggressive conversion to their belief system. Remember that in this scheme that blue to the perpetrators means hate and abuse mean love, and red most often means love means love. So they use the red/blue competition to augment their efforts. Polarization is an important part of their methodology as well, so they don't typically allow for shades of gray, but more the absolutes of black and white.

The way that purple plays a part in this is that when you're a part of the purple team, everything you say and do becomes a part of the purple team's total sum of output. In that way, the purple team considers a group of people as a single person. In fact, your identity may be that of anyone within the purple team and the purple team literally believes that human consciousness floats around from body to body or can be transferred from body to body via biomagnetism anyway. So you have one form of dualism involving red and blue. Then you have another form of dualism between red/blue and purple. Between these different aspects the perpetrators generally steal the past and identities of their victims so far as I've identified.

The real danger about the purple team is that they believe that an individual's consciousness is actually the result of the group and much of their efforts are about stealing the victim's accomplishments and identity through this belief. The dangerous part is that the individual is completely disposable. That is if you benefit the group greatly, despite the benefits you brought to the group, you can easily be discarded and left without your accomplishments or even your own identity. Essentially when the group discards you, they have no conscience about it at all even if it results in your homelessness or destitution. They just take it an go and have done with you. I know this from experience several times over. Their most recent attempt was an attempt to steal the Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Own and A Lady's Prerogative and just about anything else I've produced in the years since 2004.

When you expose this aspect of the perpetrators, they'll try aggressively to hide it by swapping your identity with one of their immediate members in your vicinity or area or they'll try to force you onto the "blue" team as opposed to the "red" team. If you're on the blue team, they can merely claim that what you exposed about them is the exact opposite of the truth. Another one of their tactics and use of colours. Right now as I write this on Tuesday November 21, 2017 at 10:13 PM EST the local perpetrators in my building of residence and the community are doing just that. I live in Regent Park by the way in Toronto. Just true south of the intersection of Dundas And Sherbourne Street in 200 Sherbourne Street, a 7 floor low rise in apartment 701. Another aspect is that the perpetrators always try to swap my identity with that of someone Italian, Irish, African, Jamaican or Biafran and almost always someone who is a Jehovah's Witness or Presbyterian, which I am not. I am Caucasian male and a Buddhist and Taoist as I've stated before.

More About Direced Energy Weapons And Surveillance

The energy weapons most people claim to be experiencing are actually the result of human biomagnetism that the perpetrators practice using to affect their victims. To some of the more religious perpetrators they refer to this as the "holy spirit". An energy essence that combines and connects people to one another. If most targeted individuals really thought about it, the surveillance that they are experiencing is actually not surveillance at all, but a form of ESP utilized by the perpetrators with a basis in science. Most reports of surveillance by targeted individuals seems to occur with nearly zero response time on the part of the perpetrators. If the surveillance involved technology, then their would be a definite turnaround time involved with this utilization of surveillance. Most responses are immediate meaning that the perpetrators are able to connect to the senses or cognition of the targeted individual remotely without the use of technology. They're simply using biomagnetism to connect to their victim's nervous system. For aspects of their stalking and harassment that require hard copy or output, the stalkers then rely on technology based surveillance for imaging, audio and other forms of surveillance. Surveillance might also include keyloggers and trojans on the targeted individual's computer or Van Eck Phreaking which involves intercepting the electromagnetic emissions of one's computer, keyboard and monitor to scry what the targeted individual is doing with their computer. Organized crime may be and likely is involved in the physical surveillance as well.

I believe that at one point the perpetrators were using trojans or backdoors within legitimate software I'd installed to spy on my computer activities and to steal my writing as well so they could then credit it to one of their members. One of their tactics is to constantly make sure that they are on the "good" and "just" side of the fence with regard to public opinion. In doing this, they regularly impersonate victims or targeted individuals and likely there are a great number of false information sites out there designed specifically to mislead other targeted individuals or the growing media interest in group stalking.

Im Brian Joseph Johns and this is


Red and Blue can also refer to the colours of "Roses". A Rose is someone who offers to carry the burden for someone else who they deem worth the investment. For instance if someone has taken a stand and come up with a good idea, or protected a group of people or done something generally notable that may come under attack, a Rose might offer themselves up to shoulder some of the weight that might come at that person. There are many different colours of "Roses" but I'll just deal with Red and Blue ones for now.

A Red Rose shoulders burden that is very light in context and more cerebral and emotional than anything and involves little harm. A Blue Rose on the other hand shoulders burden that might come at them from others as hate or abuse, even in such a way that could itself be interpreted as stalking and harassment. So the difference between whether you are a Red Rose (warm) and a Blue Rose (cold) determines the way you'll be treated for the burden you carry for someone else.

Purple Roses come from an idea based upon Hermetic philosophy called Polarity that can be found in works such as the Kybalion ( or the Emerald Tablet ( The philosophy states that any diametrically opposing forces in nature are actually the same thing. The only thing that differentiates them is the degree to which they are experienced versus not being experienced at all. Those of the Purple influence then would consider love and hate to be the same thing. So a Purple rose carries either Red or Blue burden and regardless of what they experience as a result of that burden, to them it is the same thing.


Consider that some of the stalkers and harassers operate using the Kybalion as a sort of field manual though it is also used by many philosophers and theologians as well for purposes that do not involve trying to harm someone emotionally. In the Kybalion the concept of Polarity is introduced as well as the concept of Rhythm. As two extremes are experienced they create a cycle much like a sine wave. If you consider the peaks of that sine wave to represent the emotional highs and lows of an individual, then you have a cycle that represents their mood and likely behavior.

The greater that an individual is pushed to one side of that emotional cycle, the more they'll experience the opposite extreme when the cycle completes itself. So the bigger one extreme, the bigger the other. Now taking our examples of mood into consideration, a person who is happy and joyful will likely be more willing to give than a person who is miserable or depressed or hateful. In fact, is a person on the negative mood part of this emotional cycle reacts harshly to other people, they are more likely to feel guilty for it when they reach the positive side of their cycle.

So the way that some stalkers operate is that if they can take advantage of this fact in people, they can keep a victim in constant debt to them if they can provoke a harsh reaction from their victim when their victim is on the negative side of this cycle. If the victim reacts to abuse at this time from the stalkers, this is exactly what the stalkers want. When the victim begins to feel good again, they'll feel guilty for over reacting and therefore indebted to the very people who caused the reaction. This abuse scheme used to be used in relationships as a means to manipulate a spouse or partner and possibly still is by some people.

So these means that are used to manipulate someone are often referred to as the Rhythm. Knowing and being able to influence the timing of this emotional cycle so as to profit the most from it and to be detrimental to its victim. Think about this, that when you are abused as a victim of stalking, that you might feel horrible for a long period of time, but when the stalking or harassment subsides (if it does at all), your body will begin producing endorphins and dopamine at an alarming rate skyrocketing you to the other end of the emotional scale when you'll likely feel great for a short bit of time as your endocrine system attempts to balance your hormonal cycle. If you reacted against the stalkers, your more likely to write off their abuse and may even feel guilty if you reacted with hostility against them. If you do feel guilty, then you're already in their debt and they've succeeded.

Energy attacks as some targeted individuals refer to biomagnetism are intended by the stalkers to affect your hormonal balance to either side of the mood cycle, positive or negative. The biomagnetism of different people have different effects upon the targeted individual or victim and influence how the stalkers can manipulate the Rhythm of their emotional cycle for best effect. Remember that when you are on either extreme of the cycle that your perception of your situation is skewed, either negatively or positively. If you already suffer from clinical depression this can be of a particular risk because at the low end of your cycle when you are subjected to abuse of this nature intended to manipulate your natural cycle, if you are not aware of this and prone to extreme emotions, you may be a suicide risk. I'd say that once you are aware of these tidbits that I'm sharing that it is much easier to handle any extreme that you might be subjected to by stalking and abuse. Biomagnetism is sometimes referred to as "blood" by some forms of Zionism that believe that the Jewish people of modern Israel are not the real Jewish people from the Bible. So in this sense there is an anti-semitic/anti-Jewish sentiment present amongst many of the stalkers. Those who believe this also believe that "blood" in this sense is only pure or superior if it comes from one or two distinct cultures in the world, and that the rest of us are just inferior. This sentiment is certainly not welcome in a modern secular society that is concerned with the rights of everyone.

Often stalkers in my experience are also trying for the action reaction cycle from their victim. So that would mean a stalker might make a statement hoping the victim makes the exact opposite statement. The more that they do this, the less the victim is in a conscious state because they are acting automatically and based upon the answers and responses of the victim, that gives away to the stalkers the state of the victim's consciousness. If the victim automatically answers to something responding with a statement that is not true about themselves, the stalkers then assume the victim to be possessed or controlled by someone else.

It doesn't mean that the victim really is, the stalkers just have to convince the victim that they are or into thinking that someone is trying to control you. That way, you have one of the symptoms of Schizophrenia which is the perfect alibi to cover their activity and tracks altogether. They can harass you until the cows come home without any possible risk or repercussions or investigation as a result of the authorities. It also means that if they can convince others that you are Schizophrenic, that you'll have little credibility when it comes to bizarre events in your life. I am not a Scientologist, Jehovah's Witness or a Mormon with all due respect, so there is no ulterior motive in me making these statements. I believe that Schizophrenia exists and is a real mental illness. Some religions believe that Schizophrenia or mental illness in general is a sign that a person has unconfessed "sins" or is inherently evil by nature. That kind of superstition has likely caused a lot of harm to those with mental illness for a very long time. I am a Buddhist and Taoist.

Twisting Of Words

Words in our language most often refer to specific people, living things or objects. So when we exhibit compassion or disdain for someone or something referred to by a word, the target of its symbolism is very important in a social sense. In other words, if a word suddenly were to refer to something or someone else other than what it had been historically defined to refer, it would completely change the connotation of its effects. The perpetrators of this effort regularly attempt to twist language in such a way so as to include or exclude people, ideas, places and things. In essence redirecting the meaning of one word to another receiver of its reference.

For example: Recently the word Chew has found its way into the popular vocabulary of the perpetrators having carefully crafted it for a few years now. In my neck of the woods in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this twisting has taken on a sinister meaning that creates dire effects in terms of language by misleading people through the use of homophones. I present this not to limit the use of creative license in language but to alert others to its existence and misuse.

Chew locally has a few definitions but the most prominent one refers to a specific person of French origins, who having had bad teeth now requires dentures and sleeping with them at night results in a "chewing" sound. The word "Chew" sounds very similar to the word "Jew" however to what each refers is much different in symbol and context especially in the essence of belief systems. Chew has become used alternately in place of Jew, to lead other people into thinking that a person is upstanding with regard to the rights of Jewish people, but in fact referring to the French origins of their specific beliefs. So the purpose and its use is very misleading. That is not to say that French people are guilty at all, but instead a group who are anti-Israeli Jewish are ensuring that anytime they refer to Jewish people in a protective sense, they are instead referring to this other definition for the word "Chew". My best guess for the reason for this is the background of the two different beliefs, one favouring Catholicism which has a more decidely Egyptian and Roman bias versus Judaism and several other beliefs that follow the teachings of the Talmud and Pentateuch (the first five books of the bible which are decidely Jewish in origin). Each of these two religions refer to and favour a different class administering the rule of law. I strongly believe in everyone's right to choose their own belief without the interference or discrimination of other people and of other different beliefs. In this case the misuse is intended to mislead others into believing that those who stand up for the rights of Jewish people are sincere despite the fact that they are using the word "Chew" or "Chewish" when in fact they are referring to someone who specifically who symbolizes a completely different viewpoint and one that is certainly a cultural hotbed.

One other word that is used the same way or similarly is the word "Cheeses". This is a homophone for the word Jesus and implies the origins of Jesus through the French belief system and possibly Catholicism as well. In this sense this enforces a distinct cultural identity upon Jesus Christ as belonging to a specific culture rather than one of the other many cultures from which Jesus Christ is speculated to have originated. This one is another hotbed as many Christians often compete over the origins of their prophet in this regard, an so this use of the word Cheeses is once again meant to force and imply a culture upon their savior, though one that might not be agreed upon by everyone who follows this religion and once again, we find ourselves in the Egyptian/Roman influence form of the bible versus the Talmud/Pentateuch and many other bibles that have come to exist, each claiming a specific cultural dominance through a Christ of a specific culture. This is dangerous ground for any belief system and a world that is trying to get along despite our differences.

I've stated before that I am not a member of Christianity, Judaism or Islam as I am a Buddhist and Taoist. The license I have to express my concern over this issue is more about the rights of an individual's beliefs, even where those beliefs contradict my own. This situation though is geared towards causing a racial divide amongst people especially upon the basis of the colour of a person's skin or whom they call Jesus, Moses or Mohammed.

In my experience the perpetrators of group stalking often use this quite frequently and do so in order to trap their targeted individuals within a specific group according to this paradigm, denying them their own belief, identity and independence from the ideology of the stalkers. In my case this is often a cultural one keeping me from the culture of my love interest who is Mandarin Chinese, and forcing me to another side of the cultural fence that seems to be African and Caribbean centric while denying me interaction and contact with Chinese culture. I've tried to explain this difficult situation before only to be labeled a racist myself and then to have several debts implied against me towards those of African and Caribbean descent. Interestingly enough, the use of the words Chew to refer to Jew and the word Cheeses to refer to Jesus always keeps the symbols for which those two homophones are merely decoys within the bounds of an Egyptian and African Bible and Jesus so as to ensure whomever this ideology traps are excluded from other outside cultures, especially if someone trapped is or was in a relationship with one of those cultures.

I hope that I've stated that in a way that makes this very clear and explains the fact that I am not a racist at all. I am just sick and tired of having my rights violated by the perpetrators of this stalking ideology and am seeking to ensure that everyone knows how it operates truthfully. I have many friends that would vouch for me in this regard though the dangerous part is that group stalkers often try to convince the people that you knew, that you are no longer the person that you were, but someone else completely different.

The twisting of words also plays prominently into their methods of identity theft and identity swapping. When the perpetrators have targeted an individual, a gathering of information ensues. This involves finding out the names of their family and friends. Their background and history.

The perpetrators then try first isolate their victim, then replace the people in the victim's life with other people who have the same or similar names. When the perpetrators do this, they tend to use first names only and those first names always reflect the names of family or friends the targeted individual knows so that when a perpetrator refers to a specific name in a skit or harassment, the targeted individual believes they are referring to their family member or friend rather than someone the perpetrator knows. The stalkers do this purposely as a means of disconnection then replacing those connections with members of their stalking group. This is part of swapping the victim's identity with that of one of their members. With that attempted swapping goes the victim's history as well.

For example: If a targeted individual has a relative named Jake, the perpetrators will then utilize someone with that same name in their stalking efforts and when they refer to the name Jake, the targeted individual will believe that the perpetrators are referring to their relative rather than the friend of the perpetrators. In this way, if the targeted individual gets defensive about their relative, it is transferred to the perpetrator's friend with the same name. This is a constant skit and form of harassment the perpetrators use and a key part of identity swapping and disconnection.

My Story Condensed Story So Far

I am as a result of my stalking and harassment pretty much impoverished though thankfully I have a roof over my head. I was homeless for 8 years, going from working on an animated movie production making about $1K a week to living from shelter to shelter for 8 years. I even slept outside in record setting cold for 6 weeks with nothing more than my clothing, a hat and a heavy jacket. That was from 2004 until in April of 2012 I finally got the housing in which I live now. All through that time I was stalked just as I'd been from around 2001 onward. I live off of Social Support and am currently applying for Ontario Disability Support Program in an effort to prevent myself from ending up homeless once again. My immediate neighbours have been taking part in the stalking harassment from about a week after my arrival here.

There are several other residents that take part as well, and an active group of stalkers in the community combining both those involved with the local underground economy (crack cocaine, heroin etc), students and the gainfully employed. I myself do not use, buy or sell narcotics and up until recently was a more or less full time writer. I recently however as a result of harassment and stalking pulled my works of fiction from the internet and have ceased writing except to expose organized stalking and harassment. My books were known as The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own, A Lady's Prerogative and Stories From The End. Some of my popular stories/novellas included "A Piano, A Full Glass And The Disappearance Of Time", "What Different Eyes See", "Where Art Thou Barris" and "Bella's Tarot Reading".

Much of the stalking and harassment is geared to something that I coined as Identity Swapping. The act conducted by the stalkers that seeks to transfer the history and identity of one person with that of one of their stalking victims so far as I can tell. I am a victim of this regularly and it is used to steal much of my online content and efforts and any attempt at getting myself back on my feet. The harassment that I experience is also often conducted by specific groups racially who are against my love interest and former girlfriends being from China and Korea. The lady who is my love interest is someone with whom I've been in a relationship prior but our relationship was broken up as a result of stalkers and harassment. We broke up for her protection.

The harassment comes from two groups of racists or extremists that would normally be called white supremacists and black supremacists, which cannot aptly apply as nobody has white skin and nobody has black skin. So between the two sides of these groups, they pretty much conduct around the clock harassment. In addition, to hide the fact that I am the victim, they give my identity to someone else and someone else's identity to me. Often the identity that I end up with is that of someone involved in the local narcotics activity. This also benefits them as they credit someone else with my writing efforts while I end up with the activities of someone involved in the local narcotics community.

Some of the people with whom my identity has or is regularly swapped includes many people from my building of residence (my complete name, address and contact information is listed below and is accurate so long as I have this apartment). I am often identity swapped with someone the perpetrators refer to as "Guitar", Ky N, KN, Terence, Zed, Hate Whore (their words not mine), Chew, Cheeses (more information on those use of phrases in the section above), Darren O'Brien (though without his involvement or knowledge likely), Ron, Rob Tozer (another writer and childhood friend), Jake M (someone that I don't know personally but that lives down the street from me), Scotia, "Shot" (which likely refers to Osama Bin Laden despite the fact that I'm Caucasian and not a Muslim), Scub (the nickname of a friend of mine from years ago), Clarence. As you can read they make it sound pretty nonsensical so that if you try to explain it, you sound delirious.

Recently since I started viewing presentations by a fellow targeted individual named simply: Dr. Matthew, the stalkers have been trying to swap my identity with his. Mostly because despite the fact that I don't have a university degree, I'm pretty well read, informed and literate. So with the stalkers having no explanation as to how I became this way (besides having good parents), their most common explanation is that I'm possessed by someone else or that I'm being remotely controlled.

On my birthday this year about mid way through November, the stalkers really conducted an aggressive abuse session for about a week and that's what led me to pull my writing from online and to quit writing fiction. I figure I'll do nothing of worth that can be stolen by these abusers and used to further their lives while I am abused by them.

I'll continue this article and talk about biomagnetism. Until then you can read more about it at

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is

Brian Joseph Johns
200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 3Z5
416 203-0928

Copyright © 2017 Brian Joseph Johns

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Social Escalation: What Makes People Blow Up And Become Mass Murderers?

Author Brian Joseph Johns
I'm going to reveal much about how a cult local to North America and likely Europe operate. This is definitely something related to gang stalking ie a solitary person who is stalked by multiple people when they journey through their home community or anywhere they're recognized.

First of all, my name is Brian Joseph Johns. I have been a victim of this activity for more than twenty years and possibly longer. Suffice it to say that I am a published writer. This however is not a work of fiction. More so this is an in depth exposé of the methodology of a cult operating in many places in the world at this time. Specifically they seem to have a strong presence in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, my place of birth and current home city. I am currently living in the Regent Park area at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701. I don't want anyone else to have to carry the weight for what I reveal here. I am not doing this in any way to profit at all, nor am I trying to bend anyone to my personal point of view though no matter what, a person's views tend to slip into that of which they speak.

I would also want to add that when I say cult, I am referring to an ideology whose sole purpose is the violation of the rights of its victims, though using mental rather than physical assault to do so. The worst effect that it has is garnering an atmosphere of distrust amongst us all.

I would even go so far as to say that this cult is linked to the recent spate of violent attacks and outbursts by individuals in North America and Europe by way of escalating the behavior of a targeted individual until their breaking point which usually results in a violent outburst or reaction. It is used as a method of character assassination as well.

What Is It?

The activity I am speaking about can be defined as the organized stalking of a solitary targeted individual (which I might refer to as victim from time to time), including verbal harassment with each person in the cult providing a little bit of the overall harassment hoping to drive a hostile reaction from the targeted individual (victim). Most often the harassment is conducted in such a way that the victim is mistreated for the misgivings of a completely different person, from whom the victim inherited these burdens through some form non-voluntary social game, a form of symbolism or by the rules of how this cult operates socially.

It is conducted year after year upon the same target individuals and of those individuals a very small percentage "blow up", either hurting someone else or themselves and in even rarer cases the victim plans and/or carries out a murder/multiple murders. In some cases when the victim has such a reaction, authorities are called and this can often result in harm of either the responders or the victim. The perpetrators (the people who rile these victims up) are never held responsible for their part in this activity and are rarely the targets of the victim's outburst.

How Does This Work?

The stalking activity is the result of the swapping of the identities of two or more individuals through a lengthy process involving social harassment and group stalking that generally gets shorter and shorter in duration the longer overall that the victim has been subjected to the abuse entailed by this activity.                             

The cult believes that the consciousness of individuals is all part of a "consciousness soup" of all the consciousness in the world and that with enough abuse and harassment that the victim's consciousness can be swapped with that of another person. That is, their body is now inhabited by the mind of someone else, and vice versa. Hence the activity results in the regular and steady violation of the rights of the targeted individual (victim).

Usually the "swappee" is one of their cult members and this activity is conducted as a means to get their cult member off the hook for something wrong they did or as a way to steal the credit for the accomplishments or efforts of the targeted individual (victim).

In addition, the cult believes that if you don't accept the blame for your own mistakes, that the person who does gets the credit for your good accomplishments of equal value for the bad which they carried for you. Carrying someone's burden generally means that you are stalked and harassed for whatever they're responsible for, in their place. Overall, the cult believes that this facilitates their belief that a person's identity and deeds (both beneficial and burdensome) can be transfered from one person to another via this method.

So the cult uses this as a means to steal from their victim whatever efforts the victim has made over the course of a day or in the past by abusing their victim until they seem to contradict their own good nature or the nature required to carry out any of their own good efforts. The cult then use this contradiction as justification to imply the person is no longer themselves but is possessed by someone else who should get the credit for their good deeds and efforts. The person then who is more consistent with the victim's efforts and accomplishments then gets the credit for them and must likewise carry the burden associated with the victim to retain this credit.

What Are Their Methods?


They generally seem to require a great deal of spying on their target individual in order to know what there is to take from them using the methods described above. Spying can also give them an indication of what kind of activities the target is into so they know who would make a good person with whom to swap their identity. They might also use such spying for policing the activities of the individual despite the fact this is illegal. Spying can be something as simple as getting information from other people about the target's efforts or it can be as complex as spying on their living space and any communications devices they might use, often utilizing organized crime to conduct such operations as necessary. There seems to be a lot of resources involved in this activity which would mean that it would be a powerful group involved.


This seems to involve using the symbolism of colours as a sort of secret language through which this cult can transfer the good and bad of people. The symbolism of colours applies to everything from a person's eye colors, to the colours of their clothing, sometimes the colour of their skin or anything they interact with.

Some colours might mean hate and when the victim wears those colours or interacts with them in some way, the cult members might begin harassing their victim aggressively (even through living space walls) for days upon end in shifts. What ends up happening is that the victim regards anything related with that colour as being painful and hence they might not buy a product with that colour packaging. They might not shop at a company with those colours in their logo or worse, they might not vote for a particular party based upon the color of the party logo. So in essence this cult has the ability to influence the vote.

The cult enforces the symbolism of specific colours within their given neighbourhood much the same way as a criminal gang might enforce gang colours in gang controlled communities. It is important to remember that it is a Human Right not to be discriminated upon based upon colour. That certainly would not only mean the colour of a person's skin but also the colour of their eyes and what they wear.

The shades (meaning black, white and any shade of gray) often represent whether a person is sending the symbol associated with another colour or whether they are receiving the symbol of that colour from another. Ie if you were wearing red white, the cult would regard you as broadcasting whatever is symbolized by the colour red. If you were wearing blue black, then the cult would regard you as receiving blue. Gray is a special case because it involves the mixing of black and white and therefore is a boundary to any absolute black or white. It is largely dependent upon what is symbolized by either black or white.

Purple is a mixture of red and blue and operates much like the shade gray. It means that a person can either send or receive whatever is symbolized by the colour purple if the person is wearing black, white or gray with it. Largely it depends upon whatever is symbolized by the colours red and blue.

Now by mentioning the symbolism of colours, I do not want to give any particular colour a negative stigma because they are all a part of the artistic process and what makes nature such a dynamic and wonderful place to observe. When I point out a negative aspect related to the symbolism of colour, I am speaking about how that symbolism is applied by the cult members to abuse someone else and violate their rights.

For instance, many of the blue side of the fence in terms of conservative versus liberal views may speak very bluntly with regard to subjects they feel strongly about, while the liberal side (often red) takes the view from a more relaxed perspective. Being red or blue makes not one side more right than the other. In fact as a liberal person myself I often hear points of harshly spoken views on the blue side of the fence that I agree with and find it redeeming to know someone else expressed the point of view with determination. In other instances I find that someone on red side of the fence states something that resounds to our qualities of compassion and base sense of value and human rights. The truth is that the concept of red and blue being different brands is really an illusion and one that you either choose to follow or you don't. When you look at a painting does your interpretation of the painting come from what others say it means, or what you think it means? When you hear a piece of music does it affect you because of how others interpret it and feel about it, or how you interpret it or feel about it?

When you think about how we comprehend and interpret what colours mean, just think about how much that affects us in our lives. When we are acclimatized to have a negative point of view about a given colour, that may affect our buying habits, what we wear, how we respond to what other people wear, it affects our vote if we're not careful as well which would mean we're only voting a specific direction based upon a stigma or impression related to a particular colour. In Canada our Human Rights Act states that we have the right not to be discriminated against based upon colour. I am assuming that does not only mean skin colour but includes our eye colour, the colour of clothing that we wear, the colours of things with which we interact etc. Building up bias by association with regard to colours when that association is determined for us is certainly a way of giving up your free choice. Think of that next time you see a piece of art. Do you like it (or dislike it) because someone defined what those colours mean for you? Do you like it (or dislike it) because you're afraid to go against public opinion? So why give up your own interpretation and opinion in favour of someone else's when it comes to colours, sound, words and anything one can associate with art, subjectivity and your freedom of choice so readily? Please I urge you to question even what I am writing here for your own benefit and that of your freedom.

The only case I can imagine that is an exception to that idea are the colours used by our civic agencies such of first responders, Fire fighters (red and yellow), Medical personnel (blue white) and Police (red and blue). Our traffic lights too. School buses (orange black). City workers (often yellow and orange). Our hydro as well (green yellow in Ontario). Sticking by that sort of branding has benefits for your longevity and health. Stopping at a stop sign is healthy for you and for pedestrians too and does not take away any of your free choice. It merely lets you know that you'll likely live longer if you don't walk when we've allowed the right of way to the drivers for a short time. Wait for your turn. Those colours symbolize the points where our collective free will overlaps and for all of us to live healthy lives, we have to at least make some concessions with each other based upon our agreed upon Charter Of Rights And Freedoms, the Human Rights Act, the Constitution, and the Criminal Code and due process. Keep in mind when we take part in our vote and give our opinion with regard to issues, we are shaping that foundation of our society. So make sure that your opinion is your own by thinking about whether your impression about things such as colours, sound and words is really from your own mind, or because a bunch of people pressured you into accepting theirs.

Don't give up your free will unless of course you like consensually role playing that kind of thing or are getting paid to do so as a thespian or performer of some kind. Consent in that aspect can be kind of fun and it certainly is always great to see someone else's interpretation of it.

Hate Means Blood

Hate according to this cult is considered to be "blood". It is often combined with the symbolism of different colours to symbolize different varieties of blood. Blue blood. Red blood. Brown blood. Green blood etc each symbolizing a different segment of the population, most often in relation to race or sexual orientation and as a means to foster more hate (more often specifically against others on the basis of differences of sexual orientation and sometimes on the basis of cultural differences).

Hate in this sense according to the cult allows the passage of blood between two people from the hater to the hated. Blood in this sense is regarded as being the mind and being of the person. So by being hateful to someone they believe they are subjecting or bestowing upon their victim their mind and being. If the victim at any time during this process reacts to a point of sensitivity experienced by the hater, the victim is thought to be "possessed" or even "controlled" by the hater. The victim now is in possession of the "burdens" and "benefits" of the hater.

Most of the stalking that occurs after this initial session could be said to be about harassing the victim for the burdens of the person by whom they are assumed to be possessed. I use the term "burdens" loosely and it could easily be replaced by the term karmic hindrances, bad deeds or social burden. Some burden might not be a case of right or wrong at all (such as dating a person of a different culture or the same gender which might still draw a lot of burden but is not necessarily a "sin" or a case of right or wrong as it is subjective until it is legally assured as a right).

So being subject to hate for long periods by a group of people (think neighbors, or cult members in a community) is their attempt to instill their blood upon you and then punish you for whatever they believe to be a burden of their own membership. So you're essentially being punished for their burdens. The harassment and abuse you later receive as a result of stalking is because the cult are making it a burden for you the blood of the people who "hated" you. In other words you're being punished for whatever the pertinent issues are in their lives. Hence when someone subjects you to their hate, they are trying to burden you with their load.

Essentially this is what the cult defines as the term "blood paid", meaning that by carrying their burdens you've earned their blood quite often which the cult members deem to be superior to that of other people and often based upon the concept of racial superiority. In fact, the cult living near you in this sense will require you to pay for their blood just for the privilege of living in their proximity which involves this form of social abuse and torture.

Your Palette

Your palette is what you contain for a day of your own burden (things about you that you'd rather be kept secret) and benefit (things about you that are good and beneficial and of social value such as the good deeds, you've accomplished, your good efforts, your work etc) and without having cleaned yourself out of other people's burden. It is the sum of both beneficial and burdensome you've accumulated over the course of a day. You could also contain more of one than the other. Your palette also might contain the burden and benefit of others that you've chosen to carry for someone out of love or friendship, or that this cult has tried forcibly to bestow upon you. Even if that burden does not belong to you, it can be transferred according to this cult's ideology to people you care about or people you dislike. Those people will end up getting clues either by stalking and harassment or by meaningful coincidences in their lives that will give them clues about what is on your palette. Ie the nature of your benefits and burdens and the burdens of others you've been laden with.

Some people do not understand that these burdens can be transferred in this way. Therefore if you are courting a lady (or a man as the case may be), it is likely that they will receive part of your burden and get clues about what is on your palette and use that as their guide to determine whether they'd like to form a relationship with you or not.

In this way, the cult can weaponize you as a targeted individual or victim so as to prevent relationships that the cult do not approve of. After all, if you produce something worth stealing all of the time, the cult might want to keep you in their possession rather than let you become involved with someone else because it would complicate using you as a mule for their burden and stealing any of your good output from you. Maybe the cult regard your blood as being superior in some way or very possibly theirs, either by blood type (AB or O) or heritage (ie Royal heritage or something of that nature). So they would prefer to keep you as their source. In such a case they might constantly keep your palette filled with the burden of their burdensome activities in order to prevent you from being in such a relationship or to break one up if you are already in one.

This is certainly not to say that actual Royalty engage in this activity at all. As I've stated before, this is more of a ground up ideology that often tries to undo society in some way or pit their victim against civic society, the rule of law and Government. Keep in mind though that this cult knows no boundaries and this is what confuses most people. When wronged by the cult members, they mistake the group association of the cult member with the group they work for, or some other social boundary that makes hiding amongst numbers easier. So if you're a victim and you're wronged by a cult member that works for a Government agency, then you're more likely to label the whole Government as being against you which can make a lot of enemies for you as the victim, when in fact it is a cult member who works for the Government who is carrying out the agendas of their cult using the cover of their job in the Government hide them. That doesn't make the Government bad. It means someone is violating the directives their job entails and violating the terms of the insurance bond that allows them employment in the civic service in the first place in favour of carrying out the goals of their cult misusing Government resources to do so. The more enemies you have, especially those of a civic society, the better it works out for this cult. The less success you're likely to have against this cult and getting your life on track.

Take the same idea with regard to building enemies for you, landing loads of burden upon you while taking your good benefit from you and apply it to having gainful employment, or any other factor that will make you as a targeted individual inaccessible to the cult. They'll load you up with their burden via their hate, and prevent you from acquiring or keeping gainful employment, relationships or anything that will block their access to you.

Your palette can also be used to weaponize you into what the cult sometimes refer to as a "gun". This means loading one person up with the burden of many and then through manipulation and coercion tricking the victim into reacting harshly against another group of people, usually the enemy of the cult members. In this sense because you've been loaded up with much of the cult's burden on your palette and then reacted harshly against their enemies, to the cult they regard that as you having been their "gun". Those people you reacted against have now ended up with that burden and will now be stalked and harassed in regard to whatever that burden was much the same as you are as a targeted individual.

What really keeps this idea going and it being balanced in the cult's favour is mostly about their numbers in the community and the human rights they're willing forego to force their burden (and benefit) onto a victim by the use of hatred. So the whole concept is kept going by the number of people who participate in it. Most victims live in communities where they are isolated from family, friends, acquaintances and a solid circle of people with whom they're formed trusting relationships. Most often the cult members try to break those bonds of trust down to isolate their victim because there is nobody to verify the identity and being of a victim whose identity has been swapped with another person's. Using this method the cult can completely rewrite the truth with regards to someone in their area of operation, stealing the palette of the victim while dumping their own palettes onto the victim. If you've read this far then you could see that for any victim this would be a source of constant frustration and stress. Frustration and stress accumulate over time, building to a pressure point where it might blow up.

Forcing You To Be On The Hate Side

Perhaps the abuse and harassment is also about forcing a victim to the "hate" side, or to the side of negativity, pessimism or having a "bad attitude" and just being a complainer. There are some belief systems after all that go to great lengths to punish those whose attitude is not spruce and just right. I find it quite alarming that the majority of recent abuse I've experienced is so close to our Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend. Being ungrateful on Thanksgiving is akin to shouting and pouting at Christmas and hence, you'll end up on Santa's bad list. Many aspects of our society are driven by comparison between those who have and have not and those ideas determine how a person looks when they complain after being mistreated. Some religions too frown upon this idea as well, shunning or scorning a negative person. So for the cult to do this anytime, or specifically around a holiday when one should be the most grateful makes sense for their ideology.

As punishment for being negative, the cult in my experience will once again steal your identity and award it to someone else, while giving you the identity of someone... with a crack cocaine or heroine habit, or something completely out of character for you and something in life you've ensured for yourself by not acquiring a habit such as that by your own choices. It is sad that anyone ends up with such habits, but does having a negative attitude after being abused by the community suddenly bring that upon you despite your best efforts to make the choices you feel are right? Besides, the way to cure stigmatization isn't about giving that stigma to someone else. Its about change at the social level but be wary, because by removing the negative stigma for such narcotics may remove the barriers that keep them from getting into the hands of the younger. Stigma should progress at the same time law (does and probably does as an emergent process), keeping in mind that stigma and law does not violate our most fundamental rights. Such violation of our fundamental rights in turn often creates market and demand for such activities.

Being on the hate side is also akin to having the wrong blood type (such as AB) according to some ideologies and is another means for sorting out the distribution of burden for the day, of course depending upon the direction of polarity (see below). When polarity is as it is historically defined (ie up means up and down means down), the loving share in the good for the day while the negative and hateful share in the bad for the day. Hence why there is often such a struggle to determine the direction of polarity. If you end up on the hate and negative side, then it benefits you if polarity is reversed although you have to deal with everything that you said up until that point meaning the opposite context.

Polarity Reversals

A polarity reversal is when the cult takes all of the definitions symbolized by colours, shades and blood and turns it upside down. This means that everything represents its respective opposite. So black means white. Absolute blue means absolute yellow. Red becomes cyan. Purple becomes green. Love becomes hate as hate becomes love. Up becomes down. North becomes south. East becomes west etc. In the case of a polarity reversal everything I've mentioned here would take on the opposite context.

This is especially relevant to the hate means blood section because that means that love means blood and that hate means love. So essentially it would mean that a cult member is trying to load you up with their "blood" if they treat you with love while polarity is reversed. Of course this is just confusing and assuredly this certainly creates much confusion which is likely the motive for doing it so as to keep this activity obscured.

Keep in mind that while polarity is reversed, that the victim's own statements and actions can be regarding as having the opposite context as well. This is why for such cult members they rarely if ever lay claim to their love interest, because claiming to love someone is surely to result in a polarity reversal that would result in them being "hated" and everyone else being loved. Meaning the person that you love might end up with the burden of your palette so to speak.

This can also work with blood types too, which to some is important as the cult also use the blood type donor compatibility as the means to distribute burden and benefit amongst people in society. That is if your blood type is AB (such as mine and has been my whole life), because you can accept blood from every other blood type while you can only donate to those of the same blood type, the cult will imply that everything good you accomplish comes from others. While this also entails that every one of your burdens comes from others as well. Likewise blood type O can only receive from its own blood type, and donate to all other blood types so the opposite case plays out for blood type O. In the case of a polarity reversal, a person with blood type AB becomes blood type O, and a person with blood type O becomes blood type AB. So as you can see this whole concept of polarity reversals has numerous repercussions when the cult relies upon blood type as a means for the distribution of burden and benefit.

By the way, when the cult swap your identity with someone they may also attempt to swap your blood type as well. I kid you not. I've been a blood donor for years, and about three years back I was told that my blood type suddenly changed after 44 years of having the same blood type. I also noticed that every time I went to donate blood, the clinic seemed frantic to find someone else with specific that I could do the blood donation at the same time (almost as if they were merely taking the blood from this other person and labeling it as mine). That might sound kind of conspiracy-ish but this is the truth. Whether they were purposely staging that so I'd stop donating blood so they could pass me off as being part of a religion that banned blood transfusions for their members I'll never know. I did buy two Eldon Card kits over the course of the last three years and both times I tested I came up blood type AB. The people at the blood clinic seemed eager to know who knew what my prior blood type was, including asking for information relating to my family, my prior Doctors and what have you. A very precarious situation especially for a stalking victim. As a result I have not returned to the blood donor clinic for about a year. It seems to me this is a pretty good indication that there are some involved with swapping my identity there though I dare not bastardize the whole organization.

Identity Swapping

That for myself is the biggest issue. It is about denying myself my own identity and giving me someone else's identity altogether. It may be someone from the apartment building in which I live, someone in my community or someone else. Often the cult has a preselected group of people with whom to swap my identity so that it appears that what I produce elsewhere is the result of that person rather than myself. That might sound trivial to some, but when you're outnumbered by such a cult in your community this identity swapping can actually stick and others outside of your community or city get the wrong impressions about you because they're getting the impressions about the other person rather than you.

Meanwhile that other person is getting the reputation that results from your efforts meaning that you do not progress as a result of your own efforts. Some people in the cult try to make it appealing by offering to swap your identity with someone wealthy or that of a movie star, which I avert just as often as receiving anyone else's identity because I like being myself.

I think the lure with doing this is supposed to be that if you go on a date or apply for a job or something of that nature, the person you are trying to appeal to will get the impression of the movie star or celebrity about you rather than that of your own identity. I certainly would not want to win a Woman's love based upon someone else's identity or get a job based upon someone else's credentials and reputation. Besides the way the cult works is that if they can abuse you enough to affect your behavior negatively or contradictory to your own nature and history, they honestly believe that you are not yourself and possessed by someone else. To this cult it is actually seen as a form of mind control or possession over you and hence anything you accomplish is credited to someone else. I'm not talking about role play, I mean they really believe that they are possessing and remote controlling you, your actions and words and everything that you produce. Role play would be like playing a part in a movie or play acting of course consensually. What this cult does is non-consensual though be careful because this cult applies polarity reversals to the concept of consent as well. Think of the rape defense of "no means yes" and you know what I mean.

The idea is that as a creator and artist myself I want to share those aspects of the characters that I write with my audience of course. I often share that for free through short stories I write and I try to be inclusive and understand what I am writing about. Instead this cult wants to take everything from me and then steal the identity of the person who created it while in return giving nothing for what they take but abuse and harassment. Some of the cult even refer to this as "hell", "blue hell" both of which tend to be symbolized by the colours blue and brown.


Symbolism is the means by which the cult transfers burden and benefit to and from a person. It is the means by which they break down identity and individuality as well. Symbolism extends from what colours represent to the symbolism or a person's name. By breaking these symbols the cult regards you as having broken whatever the symbol represents. In some cases in order for you to have something that is already yours, the cult requires you to earn the symbols that represent it.

For instance:

Let's use my name as a representation for symbolism and I'll actually give examples of how this cult use my name in this way in order to trick me into breaking down my own identity. My name is Brian Joseph Johns. My first name is Brian. It is Welsh or Celtic for strong protector. So naturally part of the harassment that I experience is related to me earning my first name and that might entail me having to protect a number of people, places or concepts that I feel motivated to protect. This takes place as verbal assaults upon those things in my proximity and if I fail to meet the challenge, according to the cult and their many members I could lose my own first name. Therefore if I want to keep my first name, I have to be prepared for this cult's abusive game.

My second name "Joseph" represents my Grandfather's name (on my Mother's side) who is French and was a Master Carpenter much like the Biblical Joseph (though keep in mind that I am a Buddhist and Taoist and not a member of Christianity nor am I saying as such because I am taking someone else's identity such as Richard Gere or another notable Buddhist). In order to have my own middle name, I must represent that definition. Because he is French, the membership of this cult feels that I must pay for the blood of someone African to be considered French myself and to keep my middle name. That however means that I cannot be with someone of Chinese descent because that would break blood according to this (racist) cult. If I don't go along with this, I lose my middle name and the many members of this cult will carry out that sentence upon me regardless of what the laws and Human Rights code in Canada says.

My last name is Johns and this one is kind of difficult. It requires me quite often to either carry the burden of a plurality of people with the name "John", or to carry the burden of a group of customers of  prostitutes (because the term "John" is actually the slang used to refer to the customer of a prostitute).

So according to this cult if I do not defend the symbolism of my own name, I lose my name and it goes to someone who can better defend it than I can. Of course the cult can have a great influence upon that because they simply don't harass the other person.

Symbolism in this manner can work also by what colours and shades you are wearing. For instance if you are wearing black, the cult might require you to keep secret what you want protected (like your name). So if you have to go into a Government Office where you are required to give them your name and maybe your Social Insurance Number, this cult considers you to have lost both your name and your Social Insurance Number because you didn't keep them secret and verbally had to express them to someone.

The same deal applies to your home address or any other details about yourself that the cult regards should be kept secret because of the fact that you are wearing black. Also if polarity is reversed and you are wearing white, the same thing applies.

That is just a small example of how this cult operates. Just take the same ideas and apply them to your personal information and you'll understand what is going on in that regard.


Disconnection could be said to be a means of breaking associations between the cult's victim and any former associates or symbols. The section I described above could be said to be a form of disconnection as a means of breaking a person away from their own name.

Disconnection involves breaking a victim away from people as well and is for the cult a symbol of their power and influence over their victim. Much of what this cult does is about control and tricking others into believing their victim is under the cult's control. This enforcing of the symbolism of colours is a very large part of this ideology.

I mean you have your own mind long before you wake up in the morning and before you put your clothes on regardless of what colour they may be. In other words, colours do not define your consciousness though they may represent a state of mind, or something of a symbolic nature to yourself and your spouse, family or friends. Colours and not boundaries across which you are not allowed to think.

By using the power of their social influence the cult can trick a person into their control using colours to do so without the victim even realizing it. Their behavior is being governed by colours. I am not speaking of the advertising industry or any mass media but rather a cult at the ground level that uses these concepts to "trap" and "control" their victims through in person stalking. So determining who the victim is allowed to have as friends and who they aren't are a big part of that control over their victim. Some cult members regard this as remote controlling their victim or as puppetry.

So disconnection really refers to the idea of breaking a victim away from any association at all related to the their former self and identity, the system, the economy, to order, or any group amongst which the victim might find solace and protection. In this sense the cult feels that is the open door through which they can replace the victim's identity and being with that of another person by switching the bodies of the people in question through their use of hatred (which as I've said the cult regard as "blood" and the being of any person).

Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon that has recently been gaining a lot of attention in underground media. It involves the concept that we are living in a multi-verse, and that some of us traverse between similar universes that have slight variations or differences from the universe that we started out in. The name Mandela Effect comes from the fact that many people recall Nelson Mandela as having died in a South African prison in the 1980s and there being a mass uprising, while in this reality (or universe?) he was released in 1990 after having spent 28 years in prison. The possibility is that many of these people are confusing Nelson Mandela with Stephen Biko, an anti-apartheid activist who was assassinated in 1977 which caused riots across South Africa.

Besides poor memory, other possibilities are that there are people whose minds are crossing over from one universe to another in the multi-verse and are hence experiencing a different time-line from their original time-line.

Quantum Physics And The Collapse Of The Wave Function

The reason that I bring up the Mandela Effect is because of its speculative relationship to Quantum Physics and more so the multiple worlds interpretation of the Copenhagen Principle and String Theory (M Theory). This relates to an aspect of quantum mechanics regarded as the collapse of the wave function which states that when a quantum particle like a photon or electron is given two possible paths to take as it travels, that until it is observed it can take both paths simultaneously and even interfere with itself. This aspect of the wave function is key to the fact that we cannot know both the exact velocity and exact position of a particle at the same time. We can either accurately measure one or the other but not both. So as long as a system of two possibilities involving a sub-atomic particle is not observed, the sub-atomic particle can be accurately said to have taken both paths. The manifestation of which path it took will not become manifest until the system is observed. That is the actual path and outcome of the experiment is not determined when the experiment is started, but only when it is observed by a conscious observer.

An Example Of This In Practice

Now the reason that I bring this up is because the cult have learned to use this in their methods of harassment and as a means to swap the identities of two people. These means are likely part of some form of mystic knowledge likely associated with a form of mysticism that has secretly been taught for ages and very much applies to quantum physics in our modern times.

The cult might setup a situation between two people in a confrontation of one form or another or it might be an already existing situation that occurred in the past. One person clearly wronging another person in some way while the other person was upstanding. Possibly by way of physical assault. Possibly by verbal assault. All in all it is an interaction where one person comes out of the interaction looking very good and another looking very bad.

The witnesses to such an interaction might keep such an encounter secret for a very long time. Then if the person who came out of the situation with upstanding conduct is not a member of their cult, the cult members then proceed to abuse that person for years until they've worn down that person's worldliness or goodness down to the point of harsh reaction and maybe even violence.

Meanwhile during this time they've built up the other person involved in the situation, the one who is their cult member and whose behavior was rash or bad. The cult build this person up and keep them filled with positive energy and goodness all the while.

When finally the time is right, the cult members reveal the nature of that first encounter leaving out who the upstanding person was and who the bad person was so that people may draw their own conclusions based upon the current behavior of the two people involved after the cult's character assassination campaign against the real upstanding person.

Because of the effects of the cult's abuse upon the victim and their reaction to so much abuse, others believe the situation to be in reverse from the actual truth of how it happened because of the behavior of the stalking victim and the good behavior of the person who was treated so well.

In this sense it is a form of this idea in quantum physics, that if you keep something secret and work towards wearing down the person from the upstanding side so as to ruin their good nature, and treat well the person from the bad behavior then later on the two can be switched from the reality of how it actually occurred.

The cult in this way uses the same technique to erase or swap out someone's good history from them and while giving them the bad history of someone else. It just requires that the cult work together in this regard and to disconnect anyone from the victim who can act as a witness to the reality of the real events or history.

Now with me revealing this methodology the cult can use this as a form of disconnection. After all I wrote a character named Bryce Maxwell in a few of my Butterfly Dragon stories who is a Quantum Physicist/Biochemist who seems like a very likable character. So with me breaking down quantum physics in this way by revealing how this cult uses a mystic ideology to swap two people's histories and identities, the cult might regard me as having broken the character from my own books. Therefore how can I be the writer of them? Are you beginning to see how this cult operates?

Timed Abuse

Much of the abuse that they deal out is related to stealing the good or noteworthy efforts of their victims. As such that often means timing abuse in such a way that distances a victim from appearing themselves whenever they venture out into society versus when they are doing whatever it is they do that is noteworthy or effort of good consequence. Often the people they target are those who've been isolated by their methodology so that these victims have no support network and can be used as a power source to fuel the lives of the cult members. 

When you live and work alone, there is nobody to verify that you are the one doing what you do and this seems to benefit the cult just fine. Any time that their victim is about to venture out into public, the cult ramp up its brand of harassment beforehand almost predictively or in anticipation of the victim's venture forth so as to facilitate the possibility that the victim will react in the worst way to public stalking and harassment. As a victim I can say that this is often the case as I'm sure it is with other victims.

The activity is conducted this way to make the victim appear less like the person who is responsible for their own efforts so as to harvest them for the credit of one of the cult members. After all much of this is about identity swapping on part of the cult and with their victims. An abusive form of identity theft often done in order to keep the victim associated with something they have no part or to steal the history and past of the victim and apply it to someone else outright. Even as I write this, my neighbours are already laying claim to it as if they can see what I am writing. That's how quick this can begin to happen. So for the cult members their goal is to make the victim appear in public behavior like they could not be the one responsible for their own efforts. Often stealing the victim's online identity for their own credit by abusing the victim until their public identity appears nowhere near to their online identity. For someone who lives and works alone, there is no means to verify that you are the same you that works or creates online. This cult has learned to capitalize on this form of identity theft explicitly and again this is not just a personal point of view. This is something that is really happening and often.

Some of the cult's motivations for coming to this conclusion is because they believe that someone as myself does not have their own conscious mind but rather they are inhabited by the mind(s) of others who are expressing their pain through the victim's body. So that the suffering caused by this cult is not even accepted as being the victim's but that of those who possess them. So even writing about this tends to be taken from the victim as well. It is the total theft of a person's output and their corresponding identity which is applied to someone else whom the cult presume inhabits them. As I've said the cult presumes the victim is being remote controlled in a sense.

Giving The Wrong Appearances About The Victim

Often one of the methods used by this cult in their organized abuse and stalking relates to making the victim's reactions to their harassment appear like they are having substance abuse withdrawal symptoms. This is done so that the cult may give the implication to the public that the victim is addicted to or has substance abuse issues. This is often coordinated to coincide with periods of highs (good behavior on the part of the victim) with the reception of money or payments, and lows (bad or reactive behavior on the part of the victim) with the absence of money in order to make the victim's behavior appear to be tied to their finances rather than the abuse from the members of the cult.

For some of the cult members who take part in the stalking and abuse substance abuse is an issue, and the cult members often use substitutes who are forced to carry the weight of this burden for the addict or substance abuser, often while the substance abuser makes no changes to their issue. If you as a victim do not carry this burden then the cult will try to make it appear that you have issues that are a burden for others. In this sense it is a form of blackmail with cult members digging into your personal life in order to find something to make a burden for others drawing from your personal secrets that have never been a burden to anyone otherwise.

I find as a victim of this form of harassment that most of the abuse is timed to coincide with my forays into the community so as to garner the best reaction (when I have money) and the worst reaction (when I don't have money) so as to make it appear that my behavior is linked to withdrawal of some form. Firstly I do not smoke at all. Secondly I do not use, buy or sell narcotics so I certainly have no dependency there. Thirdly I do drink alcohol, but my monthly consumption is between $20 and $60 worth a month with more often than not it being closer to $32. I tend to like a drink with the good meals that I cook on weekends to which I treat myself for soul food and survival against the abuse and harassment of this cult.

I am single and live alone but not because I choose to be reclusive, but because I am worried about how this cult deals with me spilling over onto any potential love interest. The truth is that I love going outside, but I cannot because of this cult. It makes it easier for them to "do their thing". In fact, I have not been in a companionship or relationship of a sexual nature for just under 7 and a half years. I do not hire sex trade workers for any reason, though I certainly regard what such Women do, as likely being very difficult and beyond our comprehension in terms of risks, stress and lifestyle. The cult often try to swap my identity with that of someone who either has substance abuse issues, or often makes use of sex trade workers neither of which are part of my activities. I've only ever been in a strip club once in my life and though I find that dancers who value and develop their talent, and take their health seriously to be very attractive though in life I seek something more as I imagine many other men do as well. So until then I can rely on occasional forays into online erotic content or my imagination for that part of my life neither of which I have problems with admitting. I believe that sexuality is a personal and private thing shared between two people and that it is perfectly natural between adults.

Currently my biggest issue in life is the fact that I am bipolar and am susceptible to anxious reactions to this abuse and harassment by the cult for which I take medication as I've explained here on this post. The harassment tends to exacerbate the effects of my mental illness even on medication far beyond what they'd like be without harassment. Without harassment they are borderline manageable. With harassment and group stalking it is a major barrier in life. As I've said, keep in mind that there is no plausible motivation for this activity against myself and I am being completely honest and that is certainly not to say that others are deserving.

Isolating The Victim Socially And Sexually

Often the cult responsible for this activity uses the victim to benefit themselves often in ways that are very difficult to explain. Much of this occurs as a result of denying the victim any sort of social or sexual contact in society by means of stalking and abusing their victim or by making those who associate with the victim bare unimaginable amounts of social burden for the cult members themselves. In essence this results in isolating the victim from having relationships and even friendships while keeping them indoors as much as possible to hide the impact of the cult's efforts against the victim.

The cult members themselves then turn it into a for profit effort to keep the "sins" of the victim hidden that result from the victim's isolation. Everyone needs social contact and has the right to companionship but the cult members make it impossible for their victims to ever have such experiences or even the possibility of being social.

As I've stated in other sections within this guide to stalking and harassment, the cult keep the victim hidden often by stealing their identity and applying it to someone else. By identity, I mean the social footprint left behind as the victim's existence and the impact they have on society despite never being able to take part in it the same way that other people do. For myself this is accomplished from my computer, and within my apartment where I am nonetheless often harassed by my neighbors many of whom are members of this cult. Going out into the community often results in similar abuse as well hence reducing my travels as a result though I am anything but afraid. When the cult members mistreat their victims they are trying to get the worst possible reaction from their victim in order to assassinate the public impression about them associated with their physical identity, so that the cult members can steal the victim's online identity and social footprint and apply it to one or more of their cult members. So in other words they steal what the victim accomplishes and attribute it to someone else's credit. Much of this activity is symbolized by the meaning of specific colours as I've stated elsewhere in this exposure.
What sort of a social impact does this impart upon the victim? From my experience and point of view as a long time victim, this seriously affects a person's social life and sex life as in reducing either to nothing and making any such social companionship impossible. Often for a victim in this situation (as for myself) it is perfectly natural to have other avenues to help one deal with the impact of this activity such as masturbation or even adult erotic content both of which I see very little problem with so long as they involve consenting adults. The cult regards such activities as "sins" though hosted around what religion I am unsure because the cult members seem to profit by this in the following means. 

Any time their victim partakes of such activity as masturbation or the perusing of erotic content, the cult members keep this secret by carrying the blame for such activity themselves for which they are rewarded with real sexual activity by a member of their sexual preference and often by sex trade workers. So in other words, the victim is denied a healthy life of companionship while the people who cover up the victims natural activities such as masturbation are rewarded with sex often from a sex trade worker and this is no joke whatsoever. I certainly mean no disrespect to the Women involved in such means of making a living as I'm sure that there are many risks associated with such a lifestyle of which most people would not even dream. All that I am saying is that it is not a service that I'd ever take part in myself, as I am certainly looking for more than sex alone.

In fact this cult operate much like organized crime within the communities that they operate going to incredible lengths to keep their activities against the victim a secret. After all, the victim is essentially driving a whole underground economy despite not taking part in it at all and having nothing to do with it. Essentially everything the victim does that would otherwise be applied to their identity is stolen from them and rewarded to someone else, while the cult keeps this effort a secret from others.

Even this exposure of the cult's abuse is often stolen from myself and attributed to someone else of course whose life is affected positively while how it affects mine is buried by the cult so they can continue doing the same thing over and over again. The cult often regard people who expose this soft of activity as "complaining" which the cult punish severely. So essentially the cult steal all of the positive efforts the victim makes and give those positive efforts to someone else's credit and then abuse the victim from whom they stole those positive things so that the victim takes a negative point of view, and then is punished for complaining about the abuse while the cult members get the credit for the positive efforts of the victim from whence they stole in the first place. For myself they keep stealing from me and giving to the credit of a variety of different people such as someone named Terence, someone else named Clarence and many others, yet my pleas against this activity are ignored and not even taken seriously because the cult believes that I am actually possessed by these other people and that my complaining is the result of their suffering, not mine. Hence my efforts are attributed to the credit of these people and their fellow cult members and never investigated. My name is Brian Joseph Johns and I live at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am not on the blue team and I don't say the opposite of what I mean.

Much of how this cult uses polarity reversals is related to the symbolism of the colour blue. The colour blue is the definition behind the concept of a "blue rose" which means a person who accumulates social burden or social good by receiving hate or abuse from others, versus a "red rose" who is someone who accumulates social good by receiving good treatment or praise. So in essence this can determine who receives what from you. This is all colour coded and often keyed to specific cultures. In other words, if your love interest is of a different culture than your own, and you are targeted by the racist portion of this cult in order to prevent such a relationship, they'll use the differences in the definition of colours to keep you separated despite that being a violation of the Human Rights Act. The dividing factor is how some ideologies define the meaning of colours versus how they are defined culturally.

For instance, in North America and in the United States, it might be common to define the colour blue as opposite polarity. That is if you are on the blue team, the praise you give others is a way of dumping your burden onto them, while if you are on the red team, it is a way of sharing your good with them. On the blue team, you share your good with others by being hateful or abusive to them while on the red team, you share your good with others by treating them well and lovingly. In other ideologies and cultures, this concept is much different so who you are, your identity determines your stance with regard to colours. Hence if this cult steals your identity or applies someone else's identity to your physical self, then they are applying the rules of how your good and bad is distributed to others according to how colours are defined. The cult does this to its victims in order to ensure that the victim favours their cult, over those they really care for or side with and to make it appear that the cult is actually on the "good" side of the fence (in terms of the greater good and public appearances) rather than the "bad" side of the fence (in terms of what is worse socially for the world and liberty according to public opinion and the greater good). In essence the cult members play with the definition of polarity so that they never turn out on the "wrong" side or the "bad" side of things. They just use their superior numbers to remember the exact opposite of the truth when need be, against the person or persons they are victimizing.

Polarity And The Value Of What You Reveal

Consider that everything you say in the course of a day as being like currency if it is truths that are applicable to your own life. For instance, making a good statement about someone else's actions and how you feel about them or inspired by them, has value to others if they can take the impression from you and gives others the impression that it was their statement rather than yours. Maybe it affects someone positively and makes a big difference in their life that they remember years after. Maybe that person becomes a famous celebrity and that moment sticks with them.

Then one day the celebrity tells that story to others in a press conference, and suddenly those words have value with regard to who gave that person the encouragement that helped them to succeed. So who said them now has value as shallow as that might sound. What makes it shallow isn't that the person who said them is greedy, but rather that there are others out there who recognize their value and would steal the reality of who said them and apply it to someone else, perhaps even swapping their identities or respective histories. After all, the person to whom the celebrity is referring to would suddenly have benefits to their life. Kind of like a reference on a resumé more so than money in the bank but it does have value just as recognition for one's good efforts does. Often when one is giving such encouragement, they are not doing so for personal gain but rather to inspire someone else to rise to the point of accomplishment without fear of action. Words may be cheap, yet their power is immense. If you don't believe me in this accord then you've never considered the opening lines to the Canadian or American Constitution or Bill Of Rights, or the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, or the formal declaration of War, or Peace. What about the words that make up the formulation of the cure for Polio? Cancer? AIDS? What about the design documents of atomic weapons? Words have the power to take lives as much as they do to save them. History is a recollection of events recorded often in words that recalls who did what and what happened as a result. History can mean what happened yesterday as much as it can mean what happened a thousand years ago yet what you accomplish through words or deeds has value as a person in your lifetime and hence is the means by which you contribute and prosper within society. Therefore that recollection of what happened is as valuable to you as doing it or saying it in the first place.

There are many ways to think of this concept and then many ways that groups of people can gang up on individuals to steal the truth from them. One really creepy way would be that some guys might hear what a poet says in love and lust for their love, and think to themselves "hey, that worked pretty good on her. Maybe I'll say the same thing to someone else and see where it gets me...". Certainly creepy but it does happen and most of the time that kind of guys that would do such a thing are the same kind of guys who hold no value in companionship other than what is to be had sexually. There is no holding bias over one person more so than another in such a way that the person of one's desire is biased no matter what. For most guys of that ilk, such a companion is just a piece of meat or sex object, and that is not to say that sex is not fun or good. It is to say that it is a language for the communication of love when in the right hands. That is certainly how someone who works in the adult entertainment industry can differentiate between work and their love life I would surmise. In other words, sex is not love. That's alright if it isn't love that you are looking for I suppose but that such a creep would steal words given for the sake of love, in order to lure another person into the sack for immediate gratification and then discard them having no understanding of love or the words they stole to acquire that gratification. That's one example, and yes, great poetry can be written for Nobles and Royalty as much as it can be heart felt and written for adult entertainers or any Woman and when heart felt is no less virtuous. When someone else steals that for their own benefit it is a travesty.

What if your truth and history abandoned you by such means as a group taking it away from you for one of their own, while you inherited the history of another that was not your own and completely unlike you? What if a bunch of people went to great lengths to keep this illusion in place so that you were mislabeled as this other person, while they were mislabeled as being you, not by name but rather by your history and reputation? In this sense what you make efforts towards in life can have value, especially if those efforts have impact upon people or inspire them in some way no matter how humble and meager your means and beginnings (Malala for instance?). This is the investment that we all make so that in our future, we are on a foundation built upon our prior efforts and hopefully a prosperous one and built to last. When people steal your history and give it to their own, they are essentially stealing your future. When a group of people conspire to victimize someone in this way they are committing a grave injustice and worse, teaching society of how to do it to future victims by showing the same methodology to their young. Essentially this is a means of how to make someone literally disappear, losing their own history and inheriting someone else's. If a group of people choose to gang up on one person and remember a lie rather than the truth of taking someone else's past from them, there is little that such a victim could do and it would be difficult for someone to comprehend this unless they experienced it for themselves. Perhaps this is another trigger for the violent actions of some whom this fate find them? I've experienced it enough to know what it feels like but fortunately never enough to hurt someone who perpetrated it against me because I still believe in a greater good.

So when I write what I do and when I say what I say and do what I do, those are pieces of my history. Even with me being a lonely person that has been victimized by this sort of effort, I still find some pleasures in life (even not having had companionship in more than 7 years, though certainly being far from unworthy of it). I know that when it does happen, it will be worth it though I still on occasion am willing to go by myself, as I have a great imagination and I find that there is nothing wrong with as much because I'd never try to cheat a Woman out of pleasures that only she has the final say on who gets to share in them with her. Oh and besides, when it comes to that aspect of my life, I'd much rather give than receive.

You Are What You Stand Up For

Another aspect about this cult is that they believe that you are what you stand up for and that standing up for others is a means of paying for blood according to their cult ideology. The cult's ideas with regard to paying for blood stem from their belief that certain cultures (usually limited to African or Jamaican) have superior blood over other cultures and that anyone creative or inventive must pay for this superior blood by crediting their efforts to those of the "superior" cultures. So the ideology believes that they are free to live off of renting their blood to others while they do little or nothing to earn their own blood in that manner.

The cult further presses the concept that you are what you stand up for as a pressure tactic so that "birds of a feather stick together". Ie if you stand up for the rights of someone else with whom you do not number demographically, you are considered to have the identity of someone from that demographic which is probably where much of this cult's ideas with regard to identity swapping comes from. I often make stances in favour of groups that I am not a part of which often results in me being treated as if I am, and limiting my social options significantly as a result. So if I stand up for the rights of Women, then I'm a Woman and not allowed to be in a relationship with a Woman (uinless of course I'm considered a lesbian) despite the fact that I am a guy and heterosexual at that. If I stand up for Gay or Transgender rights, then I am considered Gay or Transgender myself and hence cannot be in a relationship with a Woman because that would go against my newly acquired identity according to this cult for standing up for someone else's rights. Hence most people eventually give up standing up for the rights of others succumbing to these pressure tactics by the cult.

No to mention when your identity is stolen or swapped with someone else's, the credit for what you said or did goes to those persons as well and often those persons are members of the cult. So in return for your upstanding efforts, you often end up with the garbage of the cult members as most of them do little for anyone else except themselves. Racism is pretty deeply rooted in their ideology as well, sorting people out by preconceived notions of who should be allowed to be together according to rules of racial combining which too are keyed according to colours. So the fact that my love interest is Orienetal does not sit well with this cult and they see me as a blood siphon from others of Oriental culture, while many in Oriental culture see me as having a possible blood connection based upon my determination and dedication with defending my ideals and my rights to feel the way that I do and even to write about what I write at where you'll find the latest updates for stories stemming from The Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own series and A Lady's Prerogative series. The most recent are respectively What Different Eyes See and Bella's Tarot Reading which you can find in the blog if you take a look for them. By the way my neighbours often attempt to steal those as well and attribute them to someone else, while ensuring that I do NOT end up in a relationship with anyone who would witness and figure out that I'm the one creating those things. They usually keep others close by who cover my identity which I'm making increasingly difficult for them. For instance because I've been isolated socially by this cult, I've taken to getting aspects of my social and sex life through online eroticism, often through Asian erotic sites which makes it difficult for the cult to cover up as they have to have someone near me who they can substitute for my web and computer activities. If any of my activities contradict whose credit they give my good efforts to, that puts them in trouble. So its like organized crime and they steal what other people accomplish by surrounding you with people who work together to steal whatever you make efforts towards, while giving you the local reputation of being involved in drugs, sex trade or other activities that I'm not. So my writing and other web activities are attributed to someone else altogether completely, while locally I'm just regarded as having whatever identity the cult members dumped onto me locally which according to their ideology could be someone different every day. In other words they don't believe that people have their own distinct identity but rather that we are a collective consciousness and that our bodies can be inhabited by any one of the collective that can be determined by the consistency of our words and actions from day to day which I believe is a complete load of nonsense and crap.

We are not a collective consciousness at all. We are capable of collective communication, which is a far cry from collective consciousness not to mention the effects that they believe delineate collective consciousness are related to hormone production in our bodies, being responsible for the appearances of having completely different personalities in our body rather than us having different moods. A different mood is not a completely different personality. Hence if you disagree with this cult, or have a change of mood, they believe it is a completely different persona you are or have become inhabited by often referred to as a "ghost", though not to be confused with the concept of ghosts in Japanese ideas surrounding Qi or Chi. The cult believes that what ghost you are possessed by can be diagnosed by the predominant behaviors you exhibit while possessed. Different ghosts are given different names according to these predominant behaviors such as "Hate", "Cut", "Slap", "Threat", "Chew", "Suck" and many others which the cult members believe jump from body to body at night and can be transferred by the members of this cult through a means of ritualistic efforts that involve building up hate or other extreme emotions within a group of people that hope to concentrate that emotion into an effort to hit a solitary person with it. They believe that concentration of emotion contains many of these "personas" that have the potential to inhabit a person and affect their behavior. These personas apparently jump around from body to body when a person contradicts the nature of which persona they are assumed to be possessed by. The persona then floats out of that person's body and into the body of someone else based upon a colour scheme predetermined by the cult members. Using colours they believe they can round up all of these floating personas for the next day's events and try to put them all onto someone else before the end of the night. Then the game of finding them once again starts from the morning onward just as it did the day before. Another one of their big secrets I suppose.

So to this cult they believe that you are not even you, or that you could become inhabited by a different you tomorrow. Therefore who gets the credit for what you accomplish? The answer to that is the gang of bullies who work together using this ideology as their foundation to steal it from solitary victims in society. The only safety from it is to join another group (sometimes just as bullying) who will protect you by their numbers from said cult. Some cult members refer to this as a means to weed out "self serving types" which I believe that I mentioned in here, and which is a reference to the ideology that people with blood type AB are the root of selfishness in the world, based upon the fact that they can only share blood plasma with people of the same blood type but can receive it from every blood type unlike those of blood type O, who can share blood plasma with every blood type but can only receive plasma from their own blood type. The truth about this nonsense once again is that those of blood type AB, much like those of blood type O are universal donors. That is those of blood type AB are universal platelet donors, able to donate to every blood type their platelets, but only to the same blood type their blood plasma while blood type O is the exact opposite. O types can donate their plasma to every other blood type while their platelets they can only donate to their own blood type. So once again this believe is founded upon ignorance. I'm blood type AB by the way, though this cult believes that if you reveal anything about yourself, you lose it and it goes to someone else. Now you might think that this sort of thing would be stopped by institutions and organizations that can test for blood typing and what not, but if that organization is largely populated by members of this cult, then they'll work together to keep that swapping of blood type in place as paranoid as it sounds. I was considered blood type AB up until three years ago when I began donating blood once again. Much to my surprise after having been blood type AB my whole life, when I received my blood donors card, it was clearly marked with blood type A. I confronted the Canadian Blood Services about this several times and was told that my blood type had changed. Not to metnion, when I'd told them that my blood type had been different, they asked me who else had known about my blood type asking me to give them a written list which I refused. I Later ordered my own blood typing kit (Eldon Card kits which run about $10 each) and tested my blood type twice. Both times it came up as blood type AB. So there's something strange going on in that way as well and hence I haven't given blood in about a year which would likely help this cult by allowing my identity to be swapped with those whose religions prevent one from donating blood or receiving transfusions of which I am not a member. I am a Buddhist which holds no preventive measures of that nature.

I believe that is definitely proof of this cult's activities and proof those activities have crept way over the boundaries of record keeping and computer data bases, especially with regard to health records which could be considered pretty dangerous. I don't believe that the medical or health industry is out to get anyone but I do believe that this cult is real and are putting the rules of their religion ahead of the rules of social policy and due process and our secular rights under the Constitution and The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. Of course with polarity reversals, the cult members become the right side of the fence, and those upholding their rights and the rights of others become the wrong side of the fence.

I certainly believe that people have the right to choose or not to choose a belief and that they should not be discriminated upon that basis, but they also should not be allowed to violate the rights of another under the auspices of their belief system or religion.

God? Rules? Order? Social Collective And Life Progress...

This section might sound a little more controversial than it really is but don't let that stop you from reading it regardless of what you believe because it makes sense regardless of what you believe.

The idea is that all of the religions in the world essentially outline a way to live life in social order, under the ever watchful omniscience of an overlord many refer to as "God", that is said to be the leviathan and the creator of all we know as an explanation so that none of us feel compelled to ask questions such as where did we come from and why are we here and instead work under the rule of a land owner, king, bishop, cardinal, imam, brahmin or other ruler of some form.

If during our lifespan we screw up obeying the rules that have been set down by said creator and we're caught, we're then considered to be dead to society, hence what is meant by the term the after life. It doesn't really mean that you're dead. It means that you are considered dead by the society that follows those rules or that particular belief system and that you can no longer take part in society or that the people that believe that way of doing things will make every effort to ensure that you do not benefit from the ways of that society. Even though you aren't physically dead, you're considered dead by the clergy, who at that time were much of the bureaucracy which is required to keep a census and data about people, their sins, transgressions, good deeds etc.

Then someone came along and said, hey, why don't we opt for redemption in some way, so that a person who is considered dead in that way can be redeemed and has a second chance, hence they are considered "risen" and once again alive to the rest of society with a new life. Maybe they are given a completely new identity from by the clergy and a fresh start of course after Rome has adopted this form of religion over their former religion that was really a conglomeration of the folklore and beliefs of assimilated cultures.

So in the world we have many religions that all operate similarly or deal with our duty to society in some way and the concept of our social debt, and what to do once we've used up all of our chances as a result of breaking the laws and rules set down by the creator, leviathan or whatever you might want to call such a concept.

Eventually that way of doing things is replaced slowly by secular laws, a Constitution, a Charter or Bill Of Rights, a Criminal Code, a Judicial System, all that have to operate and allow the existence of all of these belief systems within society. So in our modern secular system, there is no casting someone out as being "dead". They merely pay their debt to society according to the laws and the judgment of the judiciary and their back on their feet again. Meanwhile all of these religions still operate in exactly the same way, competing with and working with other religions to outnumber the population who support a secular society, the rule of law, human rights and a judiciary. That exists today as there has recently within the last decade been bills proposed to support religious tribunals for some religions that operate within a society, meaning that for misdemeanors, a community may opt for punishments against an offender of said religion to be given by the tribunal rather than to go before a court. So despite our secular nature, there is still a component of society that ignores the legal system on smaller cases and operates under the hood so to speak.

Consider that many people in society have a religion and work for the system in some form, a are connected to the bureaucracy in some way where the data kept by said company is pertinent to the system and to record keeping regarding the concerns of individuals, such as medical records, insurance, licensing, birth and death certificates, training and qualifications, marriage and legalities.

In some of these religions they still operate under the idea that if you've violated the rules of their religion in some way, you are considered not to exist at all as a punishment condoned by their "God" but one that violates the secular nature of modern society itself. After all, if you don't believe in Christianity or Islam, that does not mean that you do not exist to the rest of society. However, to some religions that regard believers of other religions as heathens or infidels might regard those individuals as not being alive despite their legal and human rights to the contrary. In such a case, what is there in place to ensure that there aren't people who violate the rights of the individual in secular society based upon their own personal beliefs which would allow them to swap the records of two people according to the laws of their religion? What happens when a person considered legally alive by secular society is considered "dead" by the religions of some members of society? In order for those people to not break the rules of their religion, they often swap the identity of the person with whom that they are forced to deal, with the identity of another member of society in good standing with their religion for the duration of time that they must deal with that person. Still, during that time that is a violation of the rights of that person that is going unnoticed in society and some people are experiencing unfair bias based upon the differing number of people of different beliefs within society. That doesn't mean that everyone who believes in a faith is abusing the system by denying the rights of people who require the system for one reason or another. There are however certainly some that are violating the rights of others based on this exact idea and concept.

Now, lets consider another idea and that is when enough people are considered "dead", and those that are considered dead by society outnumber those that consider themselves to be "living", what happens then? That is what a person could consider to be the breaking point. Maybe like a time of judgment because the people who were considered dead by society who now outnumber those that consider themselves "living", can do the exact same thing to the other side because they now outnumber them. When that happens that might actually be the prime motivation behind a polarity reversal. When good and bad are swapped in definition to confuse one of the two sides so that neither gains ground past the breaking point. This is something to think about mostly because of the dangers that occur when people with founded beliefs in their religion violate the rules or the bond they have to protect the rules of a secular society. Again that is not to say that people with beliefs or religion are "bad". It is to say that this must be considered as it is a grave risk to the safe operation and the rights of the citizens in a given society that do so much rely upon the bureaucracy to survive. Especially in the case of health care records and ownership of property or other assets. This is the point that we are at now and many are awakening to the reality that their beliefs were not literal but instead metaphor referring to a way to run and grow a society from nothing other than a few rules and a way to live one's life until said society had enough structure to adopt new rules that protected the rights of the individuals and the society in equal measure.

Where Does Violence Come Into This?

There is no real answer to that question but be assured that it seems to quite often depending upon the endurance and longevity of the targeted individual and victim and how long they can go without resorting to violence to deal with the dilemma of being subject to this kind of abuse day in and day out.

Some people never do break and others break quickly. The ones for whom this happens for a long time (I am talking years to decades) are likely the ones most at risk especially if there is a substance abuse issue involved or other factors. As a long time victim of this myself, I can attest to the extreme burden this poses at times but fortunately I've never reacted in a violent manner myself.

Let us say that this cult might believe themselves to be measuring the mark of the beast? Or Kane blood? Or something of equally superstitious nature for which they are fanning the flames purposely so as to compete on some level to see who has the most peaceful blood and apply that award to a specific culture. So you could say that racism and bigotry is certainly involved and remember that includes every culture of every person that benefits from this and takes part in it. It's not a case of one culture being the racist and all the other cultures being the victims. Besides the victim is the targeted individual and possibly eventually everyone the targeted individual hurts by way of reaction.

As a victim I can't explain the kind of pressure this puts me under. It is an impossibly heavy burden sometimes but I never fear going outside of my own door though I certainly do not like venturing out often. I built up a very strong core fortunately but there's always someone who wants to see your breaking point. I live in a city where none of my family or friends live and I am ultimately alone in this battle.

Think of it like being a pressure cooker. The cult are trying to push their victims over the brink and boiling over, each time making the consequences of boiling over a little bit more reactive. I would think that violence plays into this sort of treatment with the victim in many ways and poses a severe risk. For one, if the victim is not emotionally balanced they might take their angst out upon a loved one such as their spouse, or a pet or close friend. Secondly if escalated enough the victim might randomly or thoughtfully pursue a violent solution to the stress of being stalked and harassed as I imagine that identifying a ally from a cult member might become more and more blurred over time as the cult would probably want it to. Perhaps for the cult it is like shaping a victim into a bomb, to be exploded and targeted at a specific group of people.

The only advice I can give is that when the going gets rough emotionally, to remember that much of our extreme emotions result from our hormones. Hormones are funny and can really blow out of proportion our apparent suffering. Just remember that when you feel manic or extremely depressed that it will pass and that it is a result of your body's reaction rather than the validity of your own mind and your suffering. You'll feel better. I've lay in bed for days extremely depressed while the members of this cult in neighboring apartments and sometimes from the street yelled at me and conducted their harassment literally non stop for days. I lived through it by remembering that it would pass and that as bad as it felt, that the worst I felt was likely just a hormone in my body blowing it all out of proportion. It wasn't my fault and the people doing this sort of thing aren't very good people at all. But when you reach that point of either depression or mania, you have to remember that the worst you feel is just a hormone in your body blowing it all out of proportion.

When in a situation of mania, don't fall into their trap which is the action/reaction cycle. In this sense the cult are trying to get you not to think consciously but automatically. The cult members are pretty arrogant and regard themselves as being superior in some way and regard those who are reactive as having no conscious mind. Some of the more malicious ones might be trying to wind you up to a violent response too as well which for them is likely a trophy of some form.

It also helps to see a Doctor and to look into the possibility of taking medication that will help you cope with the stress of constant harassment. I've done so and am taking APO-Escitalopram which helps with mania and depression, which tend to be symptoms of being subject to this stalking activity as well as common symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which many combat veterans experience). I've found that it helps cope with the worst of what the cult dishes out at me, though I did recently go a little overboard with mania recently. Perhaps the label of mental illness helps the cult to hide their activity a little better, but I'd rather have all the help I can get and keep my noggin functioning well enough to expose this ideology for what it is as objectively as I am capable of doing. Every bit of information in this regard might help someone else keep their head on so to speak and it might save lives. Besides, its not so lonely when you see that someone else is willing to admit they experience the same thing. It's redeeming in that sense when someone else expresses a similar plight to your own. Perhaps someone reading this will understand and feel redeemed.

Most often the abuse from the cult is about garnering a reaction from you that will enable them to swap your identity with someone violent, or an outspoken bigot or something of that nature though often the harassment required to achieve that result is bigotry and nobody else seems to stop it. Nobody reading this really knows who I am in Toronto. The cult takes advantage of that. So when I go out and about into my community, they'll make every effort to make me appear as one of the cult members, while making the cult members appear as me who wrote this. That's the way they operate. Draw a reaction from their victim that makes the victim appear to contradict their own better nature so that the cult can attribute that nature to one of their cult members. They don't really believe in the individuality and identity of their victims perhaps thinking their victims are what I've heard referred to as "self serving types", really meaning selfish people. In this sense the cult has elected themselves to weed out selfish people from society, and possibly has applied profiling on the basis of blood type to this weeding out, with blood type AB being the self serving type and blood type O being the selfless type and A and B being in between. That's most of what I've figured out so far though most evidence would certainly not label me as being "selfish" by their cult's standards. Perhaps they are practitioners of eugenics, pruning the genetic tree by these means?

Final Words

Brian Joseph Johns
It's not too hard to imagine someone going through this sort of treatment for years and decades and then blowing up, possibly killing themselves or others in the process. Thankfully I have not fallen to this fate for whatever reason other than my resilience and good fortune for which I am thankful. I only ask that you consider that this is what is happening and that if you see it you can do something about it without getting yourself involved and falling risk to the same cult.

I will do my part and keep this post updated regularly. I will try not to use it as a venting medium for getting out my stress and pressure but rather keep it informative so that it might provide information that may help other victims and help signal the warning signs for someone about to blow with violent consequences.

I have to say that there is much racism involved with this ideology from where I stand and from what I can see and it comes most often from specific members within the cult who believe their culture and blood to be superior to that of other cultures. A sort of battle to see who would be the best Jesus Christ or something of that nature. Maybe the Olympics Of The Prophets or some other flashy catch phrase. This is unfortunate but it is an aspect of this cult. It certainly violates the Human Rights code of most countries and therefore the foundations of our laws in the free world.

One of the things to watch out for is that this cult will most certainly try to force me over to the "blue" side of the fence so that they can claim that what I have said here means the opposite contextually and in that case it will actually end up benefiting the exact opposite people that I hoped it would.

I do my best while I am out and about but sometimes I come short. I'm only human after all. I have needs and wants of my own that have completely been derailed by this cult and I cannot express how angry they make me feel sometimes, but I won't give in to that base emotion though I certainly will never be a perfect angel. I tend to speak my mind exactly when and where I want. Sincerity before polarity is my motto.

Oh and the only reason for my picture appearing twice on this page is because I want my identity associated with this, because the first thing this cult will do is try to apply it to someone else while applying their misgivings to me. Maybe they'll use one of their setups to swap us in terms of history or identity but I have a feeling the more that I reveal about their methodology, the less powerful they are. The less people will likely be susceptible to their manipulation and reaction. Once you know their tricks you tend very much to lose respect for them though I cannot say that I pity them. Keep in mind as well that I've not done anything to earn this sort of attention from such a cult. In other words I am not a pedophile nor am I involved in anything that might draw such attention from a cult.

Stay Safe And Be Well,

Brian Joseph Johns